No Whatsapp In 2022 Without Agreeing To New Terms & Conditions

Users of WhatsApp may not be able to use it in 2022 unless they agree to the new terms & conditions of this Facebook-owned app, according to wabetainfo.

Updating terms and conditions will be available before February 2022. Users may lose all data on WhatsApp if they do not accept the new terms and conditions. The release date is expected to be 8 February 2021, although this may change.

Users can continue using WhatsApp after agreeing to the terms and conditions by selecting the “Agree” option.

According to Wabeta, the new and updated terms & conditions might include information on how users’ data is being processed by WhatsApp and businesses could use Facebook-hosted services. WhatsApp may use the in-app feature to announce users from now on. According to wabetainfo, these announcements won’t be beads, but will likely contain information about WhatsApp’s new features, changes, and news.

These announcements won’t be made in chat but will instead appear in banner form in-app. They might ask users to take action or redirect them to an external link.

After the publication of new terms and conditions, this announcement section will be available.

According to the source, WhatsApp already released updates for iOS and Android that supports the new feature.

If users disagree with the terms and conditions, they may be required to suspend their accounts. Users might also lose their data via Whatsapp.

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