Written Test Fee For The Post Of Pst And JST Under Sindh Government

Since the Sukkur IBA University has received numerous projects from the Sindh government to conduct written tests for the several grades jobs from BPS 01 to BPS 17 and above.

Written Test Fee For The Post Of Pst And JST Under Sindh Govt

It has made no compromises. To extort the poor of Sindh by charging them the highest test fees, which is way beyond what they are used to.
Approach for jobless candidates

Primarily, IBA received many projects from Sindh High Court to fulfill the Positions for junior executive officers
BPS-11 and other fees with 800 which are very difficult to pay.

Now once again Sindh health and education minister SAEED GHANI has gone back to his words and his
Before the publication of the advertisement for the position of PST and JST teachers, he made an honest statement.

It was unambiguously stated that the government would pay half of the challan, that is 350 out 700.


Students are required to pay the entire fee, even if they receive any assistance from the government.

The students were compelled by the university to pay the entire chalan fee and they are not being subsidized for the half fee.
The concerned authorities should immediately offer fee relief to applicants so they can apply.
Manage their expenses.

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