DCS Courier Service – Track Your Shipment & Order Online

DCS service is a courier service in Pakistan. It is a domestic and international courier service that provides fast, reliable, time-definite express delivery on a global scale.

This company working since 1992, the company has established itself as one of Pakistan’s top couriers, and DCS works as an international Domestic parcel delivery service.

They claim to provide the best local and national courier service to their various clients at reasonable prices.

DCS also offers expedited surface and air charter delivery of time-critical freight shipment, Business to business ground small-package delivery, Expiated overnight delivery, freight services, customs clearance & integrated information, and logistic solution.

 How do I track my DCS Courier? 

  • Follow these steps to track your DCS courier…
  • Find DCS courier code
  • Insert tracking code in the following search box
  • Click on “Track order”
  • You will get the area of your order tracking
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DCS Services

DCS provides services at local as well international levels. They are pretty conscious of maintaining their reputation in every place. It has been delivering on time for major business.

They provide us offering world-class service and professionalism. With offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, UK, UAE, and Australia they utilize the cream of independent delivery agents ensuring that they are not restricted to a fixed delivery service.

This means that they are excellently positioned to offer a flexible and reliable courier system designed to meet our every requirement. Some of the major services of DCS are:

 Overnight Service 

They are pretty conscious of delivering items on time. To be on time, they also prefer overnight shipping. This way, a person gets his parcel fastly and it increases the customer’s trust.

 Bulk Shipment 

They also give us ease by providing us with a facility to transfer bulk parcels easily. By this, we can transfer our important documents and notes easily and with proper security. It takes about 5-6 days for bulk shipments.

 Delivery on Same Day 

It is a way of transferring our goods exactly on the date we wanted. Like if we want an important document at that specific time. We can. Just by taking help from DCS-Courier service.

 Special Handling Service 

They deliver our important and valuable parcels like laptops, mobiles, watches, and gift items via hand carry. There is nothing to worry about security and scam. They are reliable and brutally honest.

DCS Courier Tracking

The courier tracking system is the same for every service. Like other services, DCS also provides us the information regarding our parcel. With the advancement of technology, everything is getting better day by day. like others, DCS also has improved a lot last year.

It has provided us with facilities like home delivery, courier tracking, tracking through numbers, and many more to discuss. They provide us with a reference ID when we place an order. We use this number to track our orders at any time. We can get any information regarding our parcels.

Like where it is, when will we get it, and many more. They have prepared suitable arrangements for all this work. They also have kept a record of each parcel as it is their moral duty. Millions of reference IDs are prepared for such customers daily.

DCS Contact Number

Not only through the website, but we can also contact DCS through a contact number too. As for public ease, this system was introduced. By keeping in view, that not every person has an internet facility.

Most people are living their lives without the internet. For such a community, DCS has provided them a facility for tracking their order via phone call. The process there is quite simple than before. You just have to dial the number, provide them the reference ID and they will track your order.

As a result, you will be handed all of the required information you wanted. However, due to its reputation and vastness in business, it may not receive your call at first.

So, it is better to give them more than a call. You can find their contact number and related details on their website. Their contact number is (042) 35430400

DCS After Dispatch

After a dispatch, an order can be tracked in many ways. Tracking through reference numbers is one of the common and most used methods. This method is far better than visiting offices many times as we can track easily at home.

As for the office method, we have to visit their main office and provide them with all of the information. They then track and tell us where is our parcel at that time.

DCS courier tracking is a method of tracking your order by yourself. We can do this by entering our ID at their official website. It is a very common way as it has provided ease to customers when it comes to tracing. DCS also offers expedited surface and air charter delivery of time-critical freight shipments.

Business to business ground small-package delivery, Expiated overnight delivery, freight services, customs clearance & integrated information, and logistic solution.

 Courier Rates 

As we know, shipping has never been free to us. We always have to give some penny to get our work. it is said that DCS offers its services at reasonable prices. Yes, it is true.

They provided services in Pakistan as well as overseas. They do their work on time and at reasonable prices. By keeping in view, their workload and management the price they demand is not such a big deal. However, prices depend upon the weight of your parcel. With the increasing weight, prices also begin to increase. They have provided us with a whole chart regarding their budget for each parcel.

You can check their budget here. For some, price, maybe an issue but what if they provide you with ease? I mean it is far better than going by yourselves and delivering the good.

As I see, it may be expensive if you go by yourselves to a specific place and then deliver parcels to your special ones. So, DCS can be very helpful in providing you with such wase and also saving your budget a bit.

dcs courier rates

dcs rates

DCS Cargo

Cargo is defined as goods or parcels that are shipped over land or seas. DCS cargo is usually a term that defines the goods that are delivered through them.

It is in other words, the parcels that we order them to ship. They are quite responsible for delivering other people’s goods.

As they are well aware of the importance and security of one. DCS also keeps in view all of the facilities it can provide to each customer.

Due to their high understanding and cooperation, they are high in demand in Pakistan. Since 1992, it has been working honestly only to earn its great name in the market and it did.

When we place an order they apply a specific reference ID to that parcel. A specific ID is a number that belongs to only the parcel.

It is a number that is created by mixing up several different alphabets, numbers, and symbols like SAKLE38484-KSKS270-CN. We can further use this number as a tracking system.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I track my DCS courier delivery? 

The tracking number should be available for you on the merchant’s website/app. Go to your orders, click the order that is shipped by DCS, see its details and you will either find the DCS tracking number or a link/button that allows you to track trace DCS package.

 What is the DCS courier tracking system? 

A tracking system is the same as the other delivery companies. Besides, while ordering they provide us a unique reference ID that relates to only our parcel. The main motive of this ID is to track parcels anytime. Our task is to type that number over the official website of DCS.

 How I track my parcel? 

It includes the following steps:

Tracking Number: It is a number provided when you order or ship a parcel. We can find this number on the title bar.

Entering: The next step is to write down that number on the official website.

Tracking: After entering your ID, track your order and you will get all of the information regarding your parcel.

 How do I contact DCS Courier? 

We can contact DCS in 4 different ways that are:

Arizona’s Statewide Toll-Free Child Abuse Hotline. Phone: 1-888-SOS-CHILD. Phone: 1-888-767-2445.

DCS Warmline – Resource for Foster Parents and Kinship caregivers.

Department of Child Safety.

DCS Volunteers.

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