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LCS stands for Leopard Courier Service. It is a local courier service of Pakistan that came into being in 1983 by Jahangir Shahid.

At the start, it initiated its work from 5 destinations by transferring goods like letters and postcards. And, now it is transformed into a leading Logistics, Courier & Warehousing service provider across Pakistan.

It has also provided us with some facilities like LCS tracking ( tracking code, tracking number, tracking location, tracking time, tracking ID check, and many more).

It has gained its reputation by transferring 90 millions+ courses a year, to Students, Offices, Abroad, Hospitals, and many more. However, the leopard has not gained its respect all of a sudden. It required years of hard work. By noticing their chart it proves how careful they are in managing all of their services one by one.

How Can I check my Courier Tracking?

  • Enter your following LCS Tracking number
  • Click on the “Track Button”
  • You will get the area of your LCS Package Area

Serving of LCS

LCS is designed to be used easily by common men all over the country. By providing us a variety of services including Technology, Enterprise Software, Education services, Software Management, and many more.

With the dynamic approach of Leopards Management, towards constant transformation & digitalization of current operations processes at leopards.

Enabling technologies such as Sensors, IoT, Data Analytics, and Robotics are being deployed into specialized applications.

These technological advancements are now making Leopard Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. a leading digitalized Logistics & Courier Group.

LCS Tracking After Dispatch

In past, it was difficult for the people to come to the offices for getting all of the information regarding their parcels. They had to wait for the hours for their turn and if they didn’t get their parcel, they had to come again some other day.

To resolve this problem, the leopard decided to do some advancements in their work. Although, it may seem to be a difficult task but not as much as it seemed.

They developed an online system for their work. LCS has introduced us to a tracking system. It is easy to use as we can just write down our tracking number and will get all information about our courier.

 When and How This System Was Introduced? 

When the leopard started to gain its reputation, it decided to get some advanced features to attract more traffic. Many of the employees and managers started to think of ways that can be affected.

At last in 1995, the leopard was granted internet access, in other words, this service was brought over social networks. By doing this, it started gaining its reputation more than usual.

 How can i track my LCS Delivery? 

Tracking LCS after dispatch is quite handy now. Anyone can now track his courier by sitting at home and no more need to visit offices.

Step for tracking your delivery are:

It proves to be a great relief knowing that your parcel will receive it on time whether you send it to your friends, family, or for official purposes. It is far the best courier service in Pakistan that has gained its reputation by itself.

 What is a Tracking number? 

A tracking number or reference ID is a specific number that is provided along with your receipt after shipping. Every parcel contains a unique ID.

This number is produced by jumbling some alphabets, symbols, and numbers. When we send our courier a shipper provides us a unique ID which is then used for tracking the delivery. Mostly, an ID is located below the bar code.

LCS Tracking By Reference Number

LCS reference number is a very important number that plays an important role in delivering couriers. It is a number that belongs to only a customer who ordered a specific gift. Each customer gets a different and unique number. A reference number is a unique ID formed with different combinations of letters and numbers.

 What does a tracking number look like? 

It is formed by the combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. It usually contains a number ranging from 8 to 40 and letters can be more with the hyphens added as space. Mostly, this number is located near the bar code which can be easily traced by scanners or smartphones.


  • SGAGS292388
  • CNAOG0000077749
  • GM275322484009027685

Leopard Courier Tracking

With the advancement of technology, everything is getting better day by day for people’s ease. Like others, LCS also has improved a lot in the last few years. It has provided us with facilities like home delivery, courier tracking, tracking through mobile numbers, tracking through SMS, and many more to talk about. They do apply a reference ID on our courier like, as they give to us which then tracked.

They have prepared a suitable arrangement for all this work. Daily millions of people come and do their orders via TCS. It has kept a record of all these people and is very responsible for delivering their goods on time safe and sound. Millions of reference IDs are prepared daily for such customers.

 How do I track an order? 

After dispatch, an order can be tracked in many ways. Tracking through reference numbers is one of the common methods of tracking, another method involves going to the office. In an office case, when a customer asks for a certain parcel he shows his slips to a worker who then traces his parcel by entering a reference number on the website, they take out all the necessary information.

It is then provided to the customers. As said before there are millions of orders proceeding at a time. To track your order firstly, you do write your reference number and track. Secondly, if there are multiple orders tap on order details, find your order, and take out shipment details.

LCS Complaint

KarachiLeopards House, 19-F, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi
Email: [email protected]
UAN: (021) 111-300-786
HyderabadLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, A 232 B , Block C, Unit 2, Latifabad
Email: [email protected]
Contact #: (022) 3821621
LahoreLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, 20-K, Gullberg III
Email: [email protected]
UAN: (042) 111-300-786
PeshawarLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, Near Hino Showroom, Ring Road
Email: [email protected]
Contact #: (091) 111-300-786
QuettaLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, 2, Hassan Plaza Patial Bagh
Email: [email protected]
Contact #: (081) 2829250 | (081) 2821423
FaisalabadLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, 37-W-1, Madina Town
Email: [email protected]
UAN: (041) 111-300-786
IslamabadLeopards House, Opposite IJP, Metro Station
Email: [email protected]
UAN: (051) 111-300-786
MultanLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, 516, Railway Road, Near Chowk Aziz Hotel
Email: [email protected]
UAN: (061) 111-300-786
GujrawanlaLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, Opp Jamia Mohammadia Madrisa, Near Three Star Ceramics Factory, Main GT Road
Contact #: (055) 4297620 | (055) 4297621

LCS Consignment

Consignment is referred to as an act of transferring goods to other places. Whenever we ship our parcels, before shipping they provide a reference ID that is used to track an order. With the advancement of technology, everything is getting better day by day.

Like others, LCS also has improved a lot in the last few years. They do apply a reference ID on our courier, which then they give to us. It has kept a record of all these people and is very responsible for delivering their goods on time safe and soundly. Millions of reference IDs are prepared daily for such customers.

 Which courier service does amazon use? 

Amazon is an e-commerce brand that earned its great name in the industry. It is also a customer service company where people place orders and then they deliver but which service do they use? They do also deliver products to home, however, their courier service is not TCS. They transfer parcels by themselves.

LCS Tracking Overnight

LCS is also known for its overnight working. When we order our parcels we do not have to worry about their delivery if our service is LCS. They are pretty conscious of their work and do their best. As for overseas, they prefer shipping in night, however, it is also performed in the daytime. The main motive to tell you here is that they ship during the day as well as at the night.

So there are high chances of getting or sending your goods at the time. Also, they claim of transferring goods in one day. Only if there are, not any external circumstances that can delay a flight. Other than this they are fully prepared and are punctual. Punctuality is key.

 How can I contact LCS? 

Have any problems? We can resolve it by contacting LCS by their helpline number which is (021) 111-300-786. It is quite easy here a sone can contact them through UAN number for any queries.

To make it easy for customers LCS has introduced many plants like LCS throughout the home. How can we send something through the LCS? Here is an answer just call their UAN number and you are done they can transfer luggage up to 25 kg.

LCS will send his team to your doorstep to receive your parcel and then transfer it. It shows that there is no need to go even. They will come to your doorstep and will manage it all.

LCS Tracking Overland

Leopard was established in 1983. Since then, it is working on improving itself better than before. There is nothing wrong if we say that it has created its name by itself. LCS has featured every new aspect in its field.

Now, there is a new facility for people which is known as overseas transferring. It means we can transfer our goods not only to Pakistan but also to other countries as well. The procedure is quite simple. Whenever we ship our parcel they provide us a reference ID that is specific for specific parcels.

They have prepared suitable arrangements for all this work. Daily millions of people come and do their orders via LCS. It has kept a record of all of them and is very responsible for transferring goods. Likewise, millions of reference IDs are prepared daily.

 Can you get a fake tracking number? 

Getting a fake tracking number is somehow a fraud which is very common among people. What happens to our tracking number after delivery?

Some people use it as a phony track method to decode and then make the issue about not receiving the parcel. Fake tracking numbers can be achieved by many methods or apps. It is in other words, is availed by ourselves.

LCS Status

Leopard is a big player in Pakistan, with a large network and nominal prices. It covers all cities and towns of Pakistan.

Also, claims to have the largest shipping network in Pakistan. As it was among the first courier services in Pakistan, So, it started gaining its name from start.

Although they started from a brick now it’s a great building. As for the status, they are in high demand in Pakistan mostly by rich people for their perfect services.

LCS proved to be the best service that can be considered so far of its punctuality and different services like transferring documents, money, and much more.

Comparison Between LCS and TCS

TCS and LCS as courier services both have different respects in their way. It is not easy to choose the best one as they both fulfill the requirements of people.

As I said, every person is dissimilar with different choices. Some will love TCS, and some will LCS, however, some will dislike both. So here is a controversy.

In comparison, LCS tends to be a larger group than TCS, that is covering almost all of Pakistan. Not only this, but it also provides a wide range of services to the people.

On the other hand, TCS is also good as it is easy to use and more common among poor people. Because it is cheaper to use than Leopard Courier Service.

And at last, LCS carries many rules and regulations, as compared to TCS, which could be a reason that TCS is preferred more.

Even though TCS is in use but LCS is in demand. So, there is no real need for comparison. As it is clear they both are good in different aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do you call a leopard courier? 

You can have contact with leopard courier services either by visiting or by calling them. Their UAN number is (021) 111-300-786.

 Which courier service is the fastest? 

Leopard is the fastest-growing courier company in Pakistan. It is now expanded to over 1500 service locations and 2200 global destinations. Also, offers overnight and same-day delivery around Pakistan.

 What is the courier tracking system? 

In simple terms, tracking a courier or parcel includes localizing different parcels and documents at the same time of ordering and delivery. This helps them to verify their source and movement, and also gets an estimate of the final delivery.

 How can i track the courier without a tracking number? 

Mostly, the tracking number is provided along with your parcel. But, if you still don’t have one then you can track your parcel online through your reference number. Also, you can use FedEx which provides customers a new level of visibility.

 Can you track a package with an order number? 

After dispatch, an order can be tracked in many ways. A tracking number is a specific ID for a specific parcel.

However, if you lost or forgot your ID number, then it is pretty hard to track your order. In this case, you can visit the office and can get a new copy of your number.

 Who is the owner of LCS? 

LCS that stands for Leopard Courier Service was established in 1983 by Mian Jahangir Shahid.

 What courier means? 

It is a company that is in charge of delivering goods from one place to another at a time.

 Does LCS deliver on time? 

LCS Introduces New Service to Deliver Shipments at Time of Your Choice. LCS has launched a 24-hour service, LCS Hazir Time Choice, which enables customers to get their shipments delivered on the day and time of their choice. Customers can call LCS on 021-111-123-456 and book their documents and parcels of up to 25kg.

 How do I track a shipment? 

A parcel or a courier is tracked by a reference ID you receive while ordering. A reference number is a specific ID that belongs to a specific parcel. By entering that number into an official website of your service you can track your order.

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