How to calculate GPA & CGPA?

Have you ever wondered how to calculate GPA & CGPA? This is the right place. This article will provide a detailed description of your query.

GPA and CGPA can be used to indicate the cumulative success of a college or university program, regardless of whether it is a high school or a bachelor’s or master’s degree. First, calculate your GPA to calculate your CGPA.

Here is the simplest way How To Calculate GPA and CGPA.

GPA = Sum total quality points/sum total credit hours per semester

CGPA = Sum total quality points (from 1st semester to the end semester)/sum total credit hours (1st semester to end semester).

Different countries use different grading systems. Some countries have grading systems of 5.0 while others are 4.0. The The4.0GPA scale is the most popular in Pakistan.

What do the GPA and CGPA mean?

GPAAGP stands for Average Grade Point. It is the average student’s grade for a period of time, such as a semester.

CGPAThe acronym “Cumulative grade point average” is used by college programs to indicate the student’s overall success over the semesters.

What to Do Calculation of GPA

To measure a GPA, the first thing you do is translate each of the final grades into the correct decimal number.

If you take a course that is three hours long, for example, your total marks would be 60, and the quality points total would be 12.

because credit hour you will receive 20 marks or 4 quality points.

Simply put, total marks, as well as the obtained marks, are given new names and values in the GPA grading scheme.

You have passed a Geography test with 20 total marks and received 17. According to the GPA system, 20 total marks = four credits. 17 acquired characters equal 4 credits.

You can get 16/20 marks or 20/20, but it doesn’t matter if you have the same quality points or credits. In both cases, the four out of 4-quality points are equal.

This table allows you to convert your marks into quality points and grades.

The table above shows five rows, each representing a credit hour. Category 1st refers to one credit hour subject, and category 2nd is for 20 marks.

Category 5th and final describes five credit-hour subjects with 100 total marks.


Follow this step-by-step guide to convert your marks into grades and learn about your query of How To Calculate

GPA and CGPA in Pakistan.

  • Find out how many credit hours or total marks your subject has earned
  • With the help of this quality points table, you can convert your marks into quality points.
  • You can also see the grades A+, A, or B you will have using this table.
  • You can repeat the process for any other subjects that you are studying during the relevant semester.
  • Add up all the quality points that you have earned and divide them into the total credit hours
  • You will see your GPA right in front of you by the end step.

Exemplary Case

Here is an example of how to calculate CGPA and GPA.

Five subjects are covered in 15 credit hours each. The subjects that have 5,4,3,2 or 1 credit hour of each subject are Maths, English, and Physics.

  • In Maths, you scored 90 points out of 100.
  • English allowed you to score 60/80 marks
  • Arts starting at 60 are eligible for 45 marks
  • You got 30 marks for Physics with 75%
  • Acquired A grade with 16/20 marks in history

Are you still unsure how to calculate CGPA and GPA?

Below is the tableSimplest and easiest to understand the nature of your concern.

Check out the quality points your marks have earned. Your 60 characters in English indicate that you have earned 14.7 credit points out of 16 totals.

Keep going with the same process for all subjects. Note the desired quality points for each subject.

Add all credit hours (i.e. 15 in our example) and divide them by the Sum of credit points in example 57.03. Divide them.

Your GPA is calculated at 3.82

NotificationThe quality points table is unique to each college or university. Different institutions may offer credit in different waysQualitative PointsGrades and marks achieved

However, the basic principles of GPA calculation would remain the same.

It is a good idea to find out the quality points and grade criteria for your College/University. Then, follow the guidelines provided above to learn about How to Calculate GPA or CGPA.

Calculation of CGPA

There are two ways to calculate the CGPA (cumulative grade point average)

Add all credit hours from all semesters, and divide them into the Sum of quality points earned in all semesters.
Add the GPADivide it into the number of semesters.


With your final grades, GPA, and other information, you can paint a picture of who you are. Your CGPA can give admission officers a glimpse into your determination, dedication, and time management skills. A high CGPA could help you qualify for scholarships that will pay tuition.

Above all, your future employer may consider your GPA relevant. It is important to focus your efforts at university on getting good grades. This was all about How To Calculate GPA and CGPA check out our website to learn more about various useful things.

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