How To Check Ufone Number Code In 2022?

Ufone is one of Pakistan’s most developed and dominant telecommunicating networks with over 23 million active subscribers. Ufone’s reliable and affordable services make it a favorite of many nationals.

Nearly every Pakistani has a Ufone sim. It is possible to forget your contact number, which is quite common among people. Don’t worry if you find yourself in the same situation.

We can help you if you’ve lost your contact number or are having trouble remembering it. This article will cover all possible methods to verify the Ufone code.

Here are the four easy procedures through which Ufone allows you to check its number code.

1.: Dial Code

Ufone makes it easy to instantly get your sim card code. You can check sim codes even if your mobile balance is zero

Dial code*1#Your Ufone sim will be used to create your contact number.

2. ProcedureSend SMS

Another way to review your sim is to contact the sim owner, sim registration date, sim issued date, and contact number.

This method has some fees, so you need credit on your mobile. It will indicate an error in the proceeding.

Type in the following code: Open the mobile messengerMNPSend it to667. In a matter of minutes, you will receive a message with your sim details and their number.

3.: Dial Code

You can also check your number code by dialing the following code. Moreover, this will instantly reveal your number.

Dial code*780*3#Your sim card on your mobile. Your contact number will then appear on the screen. This service allows you to get your contact number instantly and without paying any fees.

4.Call Customer Service

If the above methods fail (rarely), you can try this alternative. For more information, call the Ufone Helpline. They will provide all the details. You will be charged a service fee if you call the Ufone helpline using your sim.

This dial is for333Follow these simple steps to connect to your Ufone Simcard.

After this, within a few minutes, your call will be directed to the operator of Ufone’s customer service center. Here the operator will ask you for some necessary details (CNIC number etc.) The operator will provide information about the sim owner, date of issue, and contact number.

DisclaimerThe Ufone company can change any of the Ufone codes mentioned. If you find an error in a procedure code, please visit the Ufone website to get the correct one.


These methods can be used if you forget your Ufone sim code. These methods will allow you to instantly get your sim card contact code whenever you need it. You can also find out more about your sim card using some of these methods.

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