How To Register Your Mobile With PTA In 2022

Mobile registration with PTA is vital if you want a functional device. It won’t be able to give you access all cellular networks if it isn’t registered. It is impossible to use cellular networks services without verification.

We’ll help you find all the required information to register your phone with PTA. We’ll also show you how to verify if your phone has been registered.

You will also find information regarding the PTA fee/tax for mobiles as well as the submission process.

We’ll also provide all the possible methods to verify your mobile IMEI number. This is vital to legalize your device.

Let’s start by going over the details of how to register your device in Pakistan.

How do I register my mobile with PTA?

You can register your mobile quickly and easily with PTA-accessible services. Here are some authentic and accessible ways to register your mobile with PTA.

Service SMS verification
Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOS)
1.SMS Verification Service
Follow this simple process to register your phone with PTA via USSD. You must ensure that all details are correct. Otherwise, you won’t get a response.

First, dial *8484# on your device.

You will see a variety of options. To verify your phone, select your preferred language (Urdu/English).
Next, the question about your nationality appears. If you are a Pakistani, enter the number “1” and “2” to indicate that you are a foreigner.
If it is the first mobile in your name, enter “1”. PTA registration is free for the first device in your name.
Enter your CNIC number and passport number, and then reply with the sim slots number for your device.
Here you will see the option to enter your IMEI number. You will need to enter it.
We have detailed guidance below on how to find your device’s IMEI numbers.

Next, enter 1 and reply to PTA to submit your COC. You’ll then receive a PSID code (tax details).
2.PTA DIRBS Website

DIRBS (Device Identification Registration and Blocking System) is another method of registering your mobile with PTA.

Browse to to get on the page of Device Registration Portal. Register for a DIRBS account, or log in if you have one.

Follow these instructions to sign up easily

You will need to complete a form with all your details in order to sign up.
You will first choose the primary purpose of your mobile/tablet computer.
Choose the type of user from the available options (local/international, dual nationality holder, traveler, foreigner)
Fill in the blanks with your email, passport number, and phone number.
You will receive an email with a verification link. Click it to verify your account.
Log in to your account, click on Apply for Certificate of Compliance (Certificate of Compliance), and then add your contact number and mobile IMEI.
The PTA will send you a message about how much duty you must pay to register your device. It will also provide a PSID with all relevant tax information.
3. 3.

The PTA mobile app (for Android only) allows you to register your mobile. The interface is simple and easy to use, allowing users to follow easily understood instructions to verify their phones.

4. Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOS)
If you have any problems with online registration, you can visit Cellular Mobile Operators. PTA has introduced its services with cellular network companies for complete guidance and convenience. These franchises can be accessed nationwide if you need assistance in verifying.

What is the IMEI number for mobile phones?
IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), a 15-digit device ID code that is assigned to each device and unique for each, is a 15 digit number.

How do I check my Mobile’s IMI number?
1. Every Mobile Phone Box has an IMEI number. You can find it there.
2. 2. Dial *#06# to see the code.
3. Go to Settings and then go to About Phone. Then press ‘Status’. Your device IMEI number is written here.
4. For removable batteries, you can also verify the IMEI.

How do I pay for mobile registration?
Online banking allows you to submit taxes and duties. You can also visit any branch of a bank to make payments.

Notice: You must register a mobile phone purchased from overseas within 60 days. After this time, your mobile cannot be used in Pakistan.

How do I check my PTA mobile registration?
PTA SMS Service allows you to quickly check if your device has been verified. It is easy to check your device’s verification status by texting your mobile IMEI number on 8484. You’ll receive an email about the registration of your phone.

Within 2 minutes you will receive notification that your set has been reregistered. Also, your IMEI block (reported stolen) is also sent.

You can further check it online with the PTA website ( and by DIRBS smart app.

PTA Mobile Registration Tax/Fee
After submitting the COC, a code known as PSID will be sent via your additional verified email address or phone number. This SMS will contain the amount (tax/duty) that you must pay to register. You can then enjoy all the services offered by cellular networks after you have spent this money. The amount will vary depending on the model and company.

Notice: The PSID generated is valid for seven days. You will need to pay the fee again if you want a new PSID.

This complete guide will provide all details necessary to register your mobile. These guidelines will help you move right.

You can now easily check the status of your device and register it with PTA. You can also get your mobile’s IMEI numbers with these methods.

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