PTCL Charji EVO Packages, Features, and Prices in Pakistan

PTCL CharJi EVO packages can be affordable. This post contains details about all its packages. This is the most recent generation of wireless broadband. It allows you to stream seamlessly, search better, and download faster.

CharJi EVO connects you to the rest of the world. PTCL Charji EVO allows you to browse the internet, watch movies, share photos/videos with friends, and play or stream online video games.

PTCL CharJi EVO Wingle offers continuous networking. It can reach speeds up to 36Mbps and will drop down to 3G, 2G when there isn’t 4G coverage.

PTCL Charji EVO Features

  • Secure wireless device that can be used at home or on the go.
  • You can also link up10 computers, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, video game consoles, etc
  • Enjoy this: Battery time maximum 5 hours per charge
  • Also available for Mac and Windows computers
  • 802.11 Wi-Fi b/g/n
  • CharJi WiFi modem, in the form of sticker USB(Plug-n – Share)
  • External USB power sources may be used.
  • Supports CDMA2000 1x Rev.B Standard for EV-DO Rev.B with fall-back option to Rev.B 9.3 Mb connectivity in
  • 200+ cities of Pakistan
  • MicroSD card sharing via WiFi
  • Remote access to microSD cards via the internet

PTCL CharjiPackage Details

PTCL charji evo devices and packages are available in all major cities of Pakistan where 4G coverage is available. To

check CharJi Coverage Areas, click here.

If you have completed your ptcl charji evo package DATA within 30 days, it is possible to resubscribe.

If you finish it before prepaid or postpaid, you can get 5GB of data for Rs.500/-

Monthly bill invoices allow for 2 postpaid buckets. Prepaid packages allow unlimited bucket recharges.

EVO Charji Packages

Packages from PTCL charji evo are free of hidden fees and are exempt from tax.

Packages are valid for 30 calendar days. All packages can be purchased with prepaid or postpaid billing.

The following table explains in detail the PTCL charji evo package.

Sr.No PTCL Charji Evo Packages Data (GBs). Validity (Days). Price (Rs).

  • 1 PTCL 1mbps Economy Pack 10 30 599
  • 2 PTCL 2mbps Economy Pack 15 30 750
  • 3 PTCL 250mbps Unlimited Pack Unlimitable 30 1500
  • 4 PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 20 30 1000
  • 5 PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 30 30 1250
  • 6 PTCL 1 Mbps Student Pack Unlimitable 30 1299
  • 7 PTCL Unlimited Package 2mbp Unlimitable 30 1450
  • 8 PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 50 30 1500
  • 9 PTCL 2 Mbps Student Pack Unlimitable 30 1549
  • 10 PTCL Unlimited 4mbps Package Unlimitable 30 1700
  • 11 PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 75 30 2000
  • 12 PTCL 8mbps Unlimited Pack Unlimitable 30 2150
  • 13 PTCL 4mbps Triple-Play Bundle Unlimitable 30 2150
  • 14 PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 100 30 2500
  • 15 PTCL Unlimited Package 15mbps Unlimitable 30 2650
  • 16 PTCL 25mbps Unlimited Pack Unlimitable 30 3200
  • 17 Ptcl Broadband 4mbps + Charji Package 200 30 4000
  • 18 Ptcl Evo Package Car-Fi 15 30 4000
  • 19 PTCL Unlimited Package 50mbps Unlimitable 30 5000
  • 20 Ptcl Car-Fi 6 month package 30 30 5000
  • 21 PTCL Unlimited 100mbps Package Unlimitable 30 7500

The table below lists all the offers included in PTCL charji evo package. It is easy to see and understand.

Introduction to PTCL

The total revenue generated is approximately$3.4 BillionPTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited), is the the57th largest telecommunications operating company.

According to PTA statistics in 2018, PTCL was Pakistan’s largest broadband internet provider. It has more than 2.4 million users, out of a total 2.6 million fixed-line subscribers and approximately 105,000 monthly local wireless loop subscribers.

Although Pakistan’s government doesn’t own PTCL entirely, it does retain a significant part of the company, i.e. 62%. Etisalat holds 26% and the public holds 12%.

PTCL Internet Bundles include PTCL DSL and EVO for all purposes and uses. PTCL offers a variety of monthly internet services, each tailored to individual needs. They have it all, from economic and budget bundles to available broadband packages of 100 Mbps.

PTCL operates in over 200 cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore. It is also the largest ADSL2+ provider in the country.

Broadband connections via PTCL Landline can be found almost anywhere in Pakistan. In August 2014, PTCL charji evo devices and packages were launched.

PTCL Charji EVO Specifications

Maximum Users You can connect up to 10 WiFi-enabled devices simultaneously

Maximum Speed High-speed Internet speeds up to 36 Mbit/s

Different Connections There are many switching options available for 4G/3G/2G.

Power Source USA

SD Card Slot Supported SD cards up to 32GB

Plug & Play Yes

Packages PTCL EVO Wingle Packages

Previously, you learned about PTCL charji evo package details here are Wingle packages details; a 3G device prior to the arrival of Charji.

It can speed up to 9.3Mbps, and it will drop to 2G if you don’t have 3G access. Evo 3G services can be accessed in 250 cities across Pakistan.

These are the PTCL 3G EVO wings 9.3Features.

It can attach to up to5 computers.

If 3G access cannot be provided, it will return to2G.

About250 PakistaniCities are accessible, and 2G is also available in many other cities.

It can be wired to any device.Source of power for USBYou will need a laptop as well as a cellular adapter.

The Wingle Packages differ from PTCL charji evo in price, data, and internet speed.

EVO Wingle Packages

Product EVO Packages Monthly Charges Rs Monthly Charges Inclusive Tax Rs Data Limit GB

  • 1EVO 3.1Mbps USB Basic EVO 3.1Mbps 2100 2394 30
  • EVO 3.1Mbps 20GB 1199 1368 20
  • EVO 256Kbps 1199 1368 Unlimitable
  • EVO WiFi Cloud Basic 2100 2394 30

3G EVO WiFi Cloud

EVO Wi-Fi Cloud 20GB 1199 1368 20

3G EVO Nitro Cloud Nitro Cloud Basic 3000 3420 30

Nitro Cloud 20GB 1499 1710 20

3G EVO Wingle EVO Wingle Basic 2500 2850 30

EVO Wingle 20GB 1499 1710 20

How do I buy PTCL Charji EVO

You can buy PTCL Charji EVO from PTCL website or from any tech shops in your city with Rs.2,500/-.

Those who use less internet at home and plan to move to an office or another workplace should purchase a PTCL Charge device.

This will allow them to stay connected, regardless of whether they have a business. Here is a list of the features and price of PTCL Charji EVO.

Price of CharJi EVORs.2,500/-

CharJi Single-Mode LTE Hotspot System with Battery Capacity.

With CharJi enabled, you can enjoy ultra-fast LTE speeds within cities.

Support for up to 10 WiFi connections concurrently

2,380 mAh battery, up to 5 hours continuous use (may vary depending on the device model).

Support for MicroSD cards up to 64GB

802.11 Wi Fi b/g/n

Are you looking for a way to purchase PTCL charji evo package devices?

It’s effortless; click here to go PTCL official website and buy from it.

As mentioned earlier, the price for the device isRs.2,500/-With the default packagesUnlimited dataFor Rs.1,999/-Delivery charges of Rs.234/- would apply to the purchase price for a PTCL.At Rs.4,733The delivery time

What are the prices of PTCL Charji’s EVO Devices

1. Charji Wingle Rs. Charji Wingle Rs.
2. Huawei Charji Cloud Rs.3,500/-
3. Charji Cloud A Rs.3,500/-
5. Charji Cloud B Rs.3,500/-

How do I subscribe to PTCL charji evo Packages?

Re-subscribe by SMS or PTCL.Helpline 1218Until you have completed your data volume in 30 days. PTCL charji evo package subscriptions can be purchased from its shops in your city.

Which PTCL charji EVO packages are the cheapest?

The cheapest PTCL charji evo package isEVO Wi-Fi Cloud 20GBWith Rs. 1199/- exempt tax

PTCL offers a variety of devices at different prices and specifications. We have provided all details about PTCL’s devices.

1.Charji Wingle Rs. Charji Wingle Rs.

CharJi WiFi can be purchased in USB format

It can be powered by any external USB power source.

Supports CDMA2000 1x Rev.B 9.3Mbps connectivity with fallback option in 200+ Pakistani cities

Up to 10 WiFi gadgets can be connected simultaneously

MicroSD Card sharing over WiFi

Remote access via the network to a microSD Card

2.Huawei Charji Cloud Rs.3,500/-

CharJi Dual Mode handheld hotspot system

You can connect up to 10 WiFi gadgets simultaneously

1.45″ TFT LCD screen with front user interface.

The MicroSD Card can be shared over the WiFi Interface.

Remote web connection to the microSD Card

With a 5 hour timing, battery capacity is 1500 mAh

Rev.B backward continuity (9.3Mbps 3G Access seamless in 200+ rev. Protected cities

3.Charji Cloud A Rs.3,500/-

Up to 10 WiFi gadgets can be linked simultaneously

Protective protection up to 4 hours with a Li-ion battery of 1700mAh

For smooth 3G access, backward accessibility is possible in 250+ EVDO-secured towns

802.11b/g/nn Wi-Fi * Wi-Fi

4.Charji Cloud B Rs.3,500/-

Get speeds up to 36Mbps and automatic dropping back to 9.3Mbps in 200+ major cities

Connects up 10 Wi-Fi enabled computers simultaneously

Great battery life that can be used for up to 5 hours

Data sharing via microSD slot (up to 32GB) is possible

USB mode and 802.11b/g/n Wifi access

Externally assisted antenna port


Individuals can improve their quality of life by using the internet. The Internet allows people to access things that were previously impossible.

The Internet is one of the most important networking tools, with almost three million users. To connect to the Internet’s giant brain, the PTCL Charji devices is worth purchasing. This article was about PTCL Charji Evo packs, their price, and specifications.

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