Send Gifts to Pakistan From Other Countries

Thinking about parcels we can send gifts to Pakistan as well to other countries with no worries. Not only this, but we can also receive parcels from other countries. Gifts can be of any type, prices not depends on the quality or size. It depends upon weight.

So, you can transfer any goods just by keeping in view its weight. Transporting such parcels whose weight best fits in your pocket is a smart choice.

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Any country whose services are available in Pakistan can transfer their gifts. However, as for Pakistan TCS is considered to be the best service that can export and import our goods well.

Some countries that provide this facility are:

  • UAE
These are the top countries that can easily transfer or receive goods from Pakistan.


Send Gift to Pakistan via Following Platform


No doubt, TCS has considered being the best courier service in Pakistan. It not an easy task. Gaining such a name requires a lot of effort, hard work, and patience. Luckily, TCS got to be successful in this race. We can transport gifts, documents, money, and many other necessities through this.

We can Send quality gifts like cakes & flowers to your loved ones on Birthdays, Wedding, Anniversaries, & other occasions. By visiting the official website we can easily get all the information about how to send gifts.

 Same Day 

We can send gifts to Pakistan urgently on the same day too. Many services in Pakistan offer us the facility for overnight shipment. TCS and Leopard are the best services in this race. These companies allow are to transfer our goods overnight.

So, whenever we run out of time we can easily use their services. If you wish to send gifts to Pakistan on Eid, other festivals, or occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, then TCS is the best option. TCS offers gift delivery in Pakistan.

 From UK 

There are many services in the world which can be availed easily. In this era of advancement, transporting gifts to any country is not a difficult job now.

There is nothing to do other than placing and tracking your order. Sending gifts from the USA is also an easy task. As many companies allow us to transport goods overseas.

Some of the common services are:

  • TCS
  • M&P
  • FedEx
  • DHL

 From Canada 

As I discussed earlier, transporting goods is an easy task. Not only gifts but also any other documents as well. The services of Pakistan are spread worldwide. Any foreign can send gifts through their services very well. The courier services are also punctual and transfer goods in 2 days maximum.

 From UAE 

Transporting gifts to any other countries in the world is quite normal now. Anyone can easily perform this task. Mostly, people with their relatives in other countries perform this task. By using the best courier service one can easily transfer goods without any worries.


Frequently Asked Questions

As sending your goods is quite risky. Everyone is afraid of spam. So, they just need some queries to be solved before taking risks.

 Does Amazon deliver to Pakistan? 

Amazon is a great brand. It does not deliver goods to Pakistan directly. About 4% of the foods are transferred directly. As it is a company in the UK so they are transferred to Pakistan indirectly. You may have to visit the airport for your parcels.

 Is reliable? 

No, it not seems to be much reliable. As it is massively expensive despite the quality.

 Is Amazon coming to Pakistan in 2021? 

According to opera, yes, Amazon is coming to Pakistan. But we can’t say accurately when. However, Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Amazon is forming a team for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Pakistan, to drive the adoption of cloud computing. It shows that there are higher chances of amazon in Pakistan soon.

 Can we send cake through TCS? 

Yes, we can. TCS sentiments is an online gift service started by TCS. With TCS sentiments, you can send perfumes, cakes, flowers, etc. to your loved ones in Pakistan.

 How can I send flowers to Pakistan? is the pioneer in delivering fresh, aromatic flowers to your loved ones online. If you choose to send flowers to Pakistan, you will notice that we deliver with speed and meticulously take care of little details that allow us to deliver fresh flowers at your doorstep or your friends and family.




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