TCS Multan Main Office, Branch

TCS is the best courier service in Pakistan so far. It came into being in 1983 and is divided into different cities. TCS Multan is a part of TCS. This service covers all the areas of Multan well. All the transportation is under the control of this. Let’s have a look at some details of this service. Visit TCS website.


Multan Main Office Contact Number

No doubt, TCS has improved a lot these years. Every day it is becoming better at competitive. At the start, people used to visit offices for placing their orders. But now, thanks to TCS we can do this just by sitting at home or office. We are provided with some contact numbers which are used to contact them. By this, we can have access to all of the required pieces of information.

Their contact number is

i) 03066502680

ii) 03169992575


Head Office Number

Just in case we want some pieces of information regarding our parcels we can contact them through the office as well. By this, we can have quick access to our needs.

Their office number is:  021-111-123456 

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