TCS Tracking By SMS

One more easiness for customers is that we can track our courier by SMS. Taranzum Courier Service has not only to provide its facilities to burger people only but also decent people. After dispatch, we are allowed to track our parcel by ourselves. We can do so not only by website, email, or phone calls but by SMS too.

If we want to track our courier and we have no internet access we decide to call but what if we are short of balance?

We can SMS them through +92 333 2177168 by sending our tracking number.

Track Your TCS Courier

What does Scheduled for delivery mean TCS?

Whenever we place our order most of the customers face problems regarding what is scheduled for delivery means? It means A schedule for that delivery, in other words, they provide us information about when will we receive our parcel.

The delivery schedule is like 09/17/2020 which is a date on which one is going to receive his/her parcel according to the schedule. A schedule includes different processes of sending, transferring, transporting, and receiving.

How can I know my TCS Reference ID?

TCS reference ID is a specific ID that is produced by combining random numbers, alphabets, and symbols. Each customer gets his unique ID which is used furthermore, to track a courier.

When we book order we get our specific ID which is a number we use over the website, email, phone call, or SMS to get information regarding our courier i.e. where is our parcel at a specific moment and when are we going to receive it.

Can we edit the TCS Application Form?

We are human beings we do make mistakes, no one is perfect here. Why can’t we make mistakes in our application form? We can, We can make mistakes but it is not going to be the end of the world there is much to do. Thank goodness that TCS has allowed us to re-edit our application after submitting it.

But, we cannot re-edit all this, and some of the information is like a stamp on a rock that can’t be changed. It includes Name, Address, Date of birth, Telephone number, Email ID, and Title these are such information that cannot be reedited.

We can edit the rest of the information by going to their website and tapping on the edit application icon or by sending them an email. TCS are friendly to the customer they will help you as much as they can.

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  1. TCS messed up my parcel. This parcel was urgent to me and I suffered really hard. Going to the said location and not calling to inform that parcel has arrived does not make any sense at all. I think I will not opt for it again


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