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A number we get while ordering our parcel is known as a TCS tracking number. As discussed before, it is a combination of specific letters, numbers, and symbols for a specific person. This number is mostly used to track an order by customers. This concept is used worldwide for tracking orders.

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What is the Tracking Number of TCS?

A number is a unique identity of a customer attached to a courier which then, is forwarded to the customer for tracking purposes.

This number is typically attached as a label on a courier as a bar which can be read by a scanner or any smartphone. It is useful for tracking the location of time-sensitive areas.  In the United States, some of the tracking numbers contain UPS, and the same is used in Pakistan for the courier as TCS.

Who uses 10 digit tracking numbers?

10 digit tracking numbers are used by DHL. That tracking number is assigned to our courier by DHL and is a 10 digit number. On an electronically generated document, we can find this number next to WAYBILL. It is found above the bar code on Waybill.

Who uses 15 digit tracking numbers?

The most common tracking numbers contain 12 or 15 digits. However, 15 digits numbers are usually used by FedEx. It is also written above the bar code which can be scanned by scanners or smartphones. Its purpose is almost the same as the other number which is, used for tracking.

Can you get a fake tracking number?

Getting a fake tracking number is somehow fraud which is very common among people. What happens to our tracking number after a parcel is delivered?

Some people use it as a phony track method to decode and then make the issue about not receiving parcels. Fake tracking numbers can be achieved by many methods or apps. But the tracking number we receive is totally real. A fake number is availed by ourselves by creating it. TCS is safe to use.

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  1. Dear Team,
    it is regret to inform you that my parcel, tracking number 2366133006 still not delivered to me.
    please follow up and update me.


  2. I am trying again and again but thr result showing (No deta found) plz inform me about my parcel. Irfan qureshi. 03459001919

  3. Assalam o Alaikum…
    I missed the rider’s call bymistake…
    That’s why he didn’t deliver my Courier…
    Kindly deliver it again on the same address ..
    The tracking id of my courier is. 772572821752


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