How to Check CNIC Number Bio Data?

CNIC The Computerized National Identity Card stands for It serves as the identity card of an individual. Pakistan. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), issues a unique 13-digit CNIC number to Every citizen of Pakistan.

Every teen must apply for a Computerized National Identity Card when they turn 18 years old.

All records are held by NADRA for every Pakistani citizen. Every person is issued a 13-digit CNIC number when they register their child in NADRA. At the age of 18, this 13-digit number is converted into the CNIC number for every adult.

Before technology took over all aspects of life, every citizen had a National Identity Card (NIC) issued by NADRA. However, every citizen must now have a current Computerized National Identity Card.

How to Check CNIC Number Bio Data (Track CNIC Data)

Why is CNIC Important?

Due to the terrorist attacks in Pakistan, every citizen of Pakistan has had their data computerized over the last few years. It is an individual’s national identity.

If you do not have a valid CNIC after 18 years or if there is no NADRA record, your identity could be considered suspect.

You can only get many benefits from the government of Pakistan if your CNIC number is valid. Here are some reasons why your CNIC is so important.

If you have your CNIC, you can only vote once you turn 18.

Your CNIC number is required by banks in Pakistan to open an account.

You can apply for a Pakistani Passport as a Pakistani citizen.

However, you will first need to verify your identity using your CNIC.

You cannot apply for a driving license until you turn 18 and have a CNIC.

Your CNIC is required for surety purposes in order to own any vehicle or land.

You won’t be allowed to purchase if sellers have trust issues.

A CNIC number is necessary to obtain a sim card for Pakistan. Your CNIC registers sims. To purchase a sim, you will need to provide a copy of your CNIC.

In recent years, the system for verification of CNIC numbers and biodata has been greatly improved. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) keeps a strict check that every mobile number in Pakistan is registered in the database.

You can verify your CNIC number and check your details by checking your mobile number details. Sims are issued to your CNIC number.

How do I check my CNIC number with my mobile number?

These are the steps to check your CNIC number:

  • You can access the Message app from your mobile phone.
  • Send a blank message then to 667
  • Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a response with all details regarding your sim number.
  • Your sim will be registered to your CNIC number.
  • You will also receive your CNIC Number in the message.
Notice: You can send a message to 667 if you cannot send a blank one.
  • This will allow you to check your CNIC number with your mobile number.
  • Ufone provides a USSD code for its customers to check their mobile number details. Ufone users can dial*336#Type 1 to receive sim details and CNIC number.
  • Telenor users will need to check that they have not been sent a message.7751To obtain their details regarding their mobile number and CNIC number.

What is the CNIC Number?

CNIC is the national identity card of Pakistan(Computerized National Identity Card). All adult citizens are issued by NADRA. It is a unique card that has 13 numbers and was issued to each individual at 18 as an identification document for Pakistanis.

How can I check CNIC Verification Online and Bio Data Online?

NADRA now offers an online CNIC verification and biodata check service. NADRA’s online tracking system allows you to check the status of your CNIC by sending a message or providing biodata.

How do I check CNIC Verification and Bio Data using a Mobile Number?

  • 1. 1.Go to the Message App on your smartphone.
  • 2. Enter your CNIC number using hashes.
  • 3. Send it to7000.

Within 30 seconds you will receive a message containing the fathers and name of the CNIC holder.

How can I check my CNIC number verification and bio data online?

NADRA makes it easy to verify any CNIC number’s verification status or biodata. Follow the below steps:

  • 1. Go to the official website of NADRA.
  • 2. 2. Click on the Identity Tracking option.
  • 3. In the search box, enter your CNIC number.
  • 4. The details of your entered CNIC number will be sent to you.
  • You should also know what other things you can do online in Pakistan.


Online, you can verify your CNIC number and check your biodata using a mobile phone number. NADRA’s online biodata and verification system are easy to use. Any of the methods above can be used to obtain the information you need.

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