GEPCO Bill – Check Your Gujranwala Electricity Bill Online

    Check GEPCO Bill also offers the facility of checking GEPCO bill online at home. It offers us to check the duplicate copy of our bill free of cost. Checking a bill may seem to be an easy task but it is not free of cost.

However, to avoid such conflicts here is a website which helps us to check our bill online in no time. By entering our reference number we will be provided with all of the information of our bill including history. You can easily have access to this website.

 How to Check GEPCO Bill Online 

After visiting we enter our reference number. Then they show us our bill. It is beneficial in a way that we can arrange for it before the deadline. It also prepares oneself before the deadline.

For some people, receiving high amounts of bills also seemed to be a high attack. With this facility, one can easily be aware of how much they have to pay. There is also a deadline before which we submit our dues. We can check our bills in the following method.

  • Find Reference Number on the Bill
  • Insert Reff No in the following search box
  • Click on “Check GEPCO Bill”
  • You will reach the targeting area after clicking the “Check Button”.


GEPCO is a company of Gujranwala. All the electricity supply is under the control of GEPCO. Different cities have different electricity power companies. It is an electric distribution company that supplies electricity to Gujranwala Region, Punjab, Pakistan.

 The jurisdiction of the company includes 

  • Sialkot
  • Narowal
  • Gujranwala
  • Gujrat
  • Mandi Bahauddin

The current Chief Executive Officer of GEPCO is Muhammad Amin Choudhry. The company is provided limited electricity which they have to manage in a whole city. After taking bills with some taxes the same amount is used to buy more electricity. That electricity is used again and this cycle continues.

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 GEPCO Bill Download 

With the advancement in technology, we have a positive point that we can get our bill online without any difficulty.

  • By visiting the official website of your bill region you can do this all.
  • On the website, they usually ask for your reference number. When we enter it they provide us with our bill with all the necessary pieces of information.
  • After this, open a full version of the bill then it can be downloaded easily.

Checking online bills is beneficial in a way that we can be prepared before time. In other words, we can arrange money in more than a limited time. This facility makes things easy in this busy life.

 GEPCO Bill Print 

As we are so busy in our life that we even forgot where we placed our particular thing. It takes hours or sometimes days in finding something. as for paperwork, it is an official matter that cannot be ruined.

However, most of the time we lose or damage our bills. Then what about this? Nothing to worry about we can still get that paper again. But how? It’s by

  • Visiting this website
  • Find your bill through your reference number
  • You will find your bill along with all the required information
  • It can be downloaded from there and then print.

You can also use that print version of the bill while paying. Using an original is not necessary just in case if you lose it.

Area Under GEPCO

It is an electric distribution company that supplies electricity to

  • Gujranwala Region
  • Punjab Pakistan

 The jurisdiction of the company includes 

  • Sialkot
  • Narowal
  • Gujranwala
  • Gujrat
  • Mandi Bahauddin

These are the areas under the control of GEPCO. People in those areas usually use GEPCO as their electrical power supply.

Tips to Reduce Electricity Bills in Gujranwala

There are several ways we can control our electricity in homes, offices, and any other areas.

Some of the common ways are listed below:

  • Switching off the light.
  • Turning off the appliances, not in use.
  • Switch off the television.
  • Closing printers and photocopiers at the end of the day.
  • Avoid appliances that require a lot of voltages.
  • Manage your electricity usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it’s a great company still some of its questions are unanswered. To resolve this, let’s discuss such queries.

 How can I check my electricity bill online in Pakistan? 

It is quite an easy job. You just have to visit the website of your bill management company. After finding the website, just enter your reference number.

A number that is written on your bill as a reference. Then search and the website will provide you with all the info ration about your bill.

 What is meant by FPA in the electricity bill? 

FPA( Fuel price adjustment) is also applicable to the bill. It is the adjustment of the fuel price by the Electric Companies. But the government better know how to figure out and calculated the FPA.

 How to calculate the GEPCO bill? 

The method of calculating bills is the same. The same method is used to calculate any bills. Multiply the device’s wattage by the number of hours the appliance is used per day. Secondly, divide it by 1000. Multiply it by your kWh rate.

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