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    Check LESCO Bill

We can check our LESCO bill online on this website. It is the website through which we can check the duplicate and free versions of our Lahore electricity bill.

Checking a bill may seem to be an easy task but it is not free of cost. However, to avoid such conflicts here is a website that helps us to check our bills online in no time.

By entering our reference number we will be provided with all of the information on our bill including our history.

 Check LESCO Bill Online 

Checking the electricity bills is quite easy to work. Once you have done it, the only task is to enter your reference number. A reference number is a number that is written on the bill it signifies your specific number.

When you enter your reference number then the next task is each. After all this job, you will be provided all the information about your bills. You can even get the information about the last date of submission.


LESCO stands for Lahore Electricity Supply Company came into being in 1998. This company is under the control of NEPRA. Lesco is in charge of supplying electricity to some areas of Lahore.

Like others, this company is also rewarded with limited electricity probably higher than others, which then is distributed among each house. In the case of an electricity shortage, it is then fulfilled by taking electricity from some house for a couple of hours.

This is a way of controlling electricity. When we pay our bills our money is used to buy more electricity. It is a cycle that is used to run electricity.

As in the era of technology, everyone needs electricity. Computers, laptops, mobiles, televisions, and many more require electricity for their work. Without electricity, there is no world. However, FESCO is taking care of all this work carefully.

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 LESCO Bill Download 

With the advancement in technology, we have a positive point that we can get our bill online without any difficulty.

  • By visit this website
  • On the website, they usually ask for your reference number
  • When we enter it they provide us with our bill with all the necessary pieces of information
  • After this, we open a full version of the bill then it can be downloaded easily

Checking online bills is beneficial in a way that we can be prepared before time. In other words, we can arrange money in more than a limited time. This facility makes things easy in this busy life.

Area Under LESCO

LESCO stands for Lahore Electricity Supply Company. It covers the Civil Districts of:

  • Lahore
  • Kasur
  • Okara
  • Sheikhupura

It is in a charge of managing the electricity of a small area. With the increasing demand for electricity management, it is becoming a great issue.

It is a company of Gujranwala that covers most of its area. The local areas’ electricity distribution service was being performed by various Regions of WAPDA.

Then the Area Electricity Board (AEB) Lahore, of the eight AEBs in Pakistan, was established under the scheme of Area Electricity Boards in 1982, to provide more autonomy and representation to the provincial government, elected representatives, industrialists, agriculturalists, and other interest groups in functions of the AEB.

Tips to Reduce Electricity Bills in Lahore

There are several ways we can control our electricity in homes, offices, and any other areas. Some of the common ways are listed below:

  • Switching off the light.
  • Turning off the appliances, not in use.
  • Switch off the television.
  • Closing printers and photocopiers at the end of the day.
  • Avoid appliances that require a lot of voltages.
  • Manage your electricity usage.

Taxes In LESCO Bill

Bills are written statement approved by the government. They often come with taxes that are mandatory to pay. So, the overall bill amount contains taxes as well. Let’s have a look at some of the most common taxes.


FPA is a Fuel Price Arrangement. It is a fuel price that is also applicable to bills. This price is adjusted by NEPRA. According to NEPRA, they manage the increase or decrease in fuel price by accommodating them in people’s bills.

 TR Surcharge 

TR surcharge is one of the heaviest taxes that is implied on local people. It is said that about 30%-40% of the bill is TR surcharge. It is a traffic distribution charge that is managed by accommodating them equally in bills.

 FC Surcharge 

FC surcharge is a term used for fixed charges. It is the most difficult term that is not understood by people and yet they pay for it. These are the charges that are fixed. In other words, their prices nor increase nor decrease. These taxes are mandatory to be added to every bill.

 Deferred Amount 

A deferred payment is an agreement to pay for something at a later date. The most important aspect of a deferred payment plan is the promise you make to pay the whole amount back in the future.

This is usually done in several installments. A deferred payment is not a loan and does not charge interest.

 QTR Tariff ADJ/DMC 

This is a new tax that applies to bills. It is a scheme to collect millions of dollars by adding a little manageable amount in bills. This amount can further be used in the future for countries’ good.

The quarterly tariff adjustment will be applicable from December 1 for the next 12 months. Under this adjustment, the government would collect around Rs15 billion over the 12 months. The Power Division has issued a notification in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an electricity supply company. Due to its name, there are queries people asked for. Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below:

 How can I check my LESCO electricity bill? 

It is quite an easy job. You just have to visit the official website of your bill management company. After finding the website, just enter your reference number. A number that is written on your bill as a reference. Then search and the website will provide you all the information about your bill.

 How do I calculate my LESCO bill? 

The method of calculating bills is the same. The same method is used to calculate any bills. First of all, multiply the device’s wattage by the number of hours the appliance is used per day. Secondly, divide it by 1000. And at last, multiply it by your kWh rate.

 How do I print my LESCO bill? 

For printing your bill, you first have to download it. When we check our bill online there we find an option of download. Clicking it starts downloading. Once your file is downloaded you are now ready for taking out the print. Click on the ‘Print’.

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