Shipping to Pakistan from USA

Shipping to Pakistan from the USA is a difficult process, only if you don’t know how to. There are many simple processes for this, but, many of us are unaware of this. However, it may seem to be an expensive process or maybe cheap. It depends.

One can easily ship his/her parcels or any other goods via courier service. Using the right service is important. There are many international services in Pakistan. We can receive our goods from them.

Some of the best courier services are TCS, Leopard, Monkey Parcel, and many more. TCS is the best of them. Many people use them for their goods. The cost ranges vary differently for different parcels. It depends on the weight of the parcel.

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 How can I send a parcel to Pakistan from the USA? 

We can send our parcels easily through these courier services.

These are the best companies in Pakistan that offer international services as well. One from the USA can easily have access to these if he wants to send parcels to Pakistan.

 How much does shipping cost from the USA to Pakistan? 

The shipping cost varies for different parcels. It depends upon the weight of the parcels. For instance, take this chart as a rough idea….

WeightTakes 7-20 DaysTakes 1-3 Days


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