How to Check CNIC Number Bio Data (Track CNIC Data)

How to Check CNIC Number Bio Data?

CNIC The Computerized National Identity Card stands for It serves as the identity card of an individual. Pakistan. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), issues a unique 13-digit CNIC number to Every citizen of Pakistan. Every teen must apply for a Computerized National Identity Card when they turn 18 years old. All records are held by NADRA for every Pakistani citizen. Every person is issued a 13-digit CNIC number when they register their child in NADRA. At the age …

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Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan (Informative Guide)

Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

Do you think affiliate marketing is something you might consider? This article will show you how you can make a profit in this multibillion-dollar industry. Here’s how you can get started in affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Let’s get started! These methods can be helpful if you are considering starting an affiliate marketing company as a side business or a full-time career. Before we get to the meat of this matter, let’s first understand what affiliate marketing is. What is Affiliate …

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List of Army Chief of Pakistan Since 1947

List of Army Chief of Pakistan Since 1947

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has extended the term of General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan’s Chief Of Army Staff, for three years. The Army Chief, who served three years as the top general, was due to retire in November 2020. General Bajwa is16th Army general to serve as the Army’s Chief of Staff. The position was previously known as Pakistan Army Commander-in-Chief until 1972. The sixth-largest Army in the world is the Pakistan Army, thanks to its active military personnel. …

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Written Test Fee For The Post Of Pst And JST Under Sindh Govt

Written Test Fee For The Post Of Pst And JST Under Sindh Government

Since the Sukkur IBA University has received numerous projects from the Sindh government to conduct written tests for the several grades jobs from BPS 01 to BPS 17 and above. It has made no compromises. To extort the poor of Sindh by charging them the highest test fees, which is way beyond what they are used to. Approach for jobless candidates Primarily, IBA received many projects from Sindh High Court to fulfill the Positions for junior executive officers BPS-11 and …

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6 Tips For Doing Online Shopping in Pakistan 2021

6 Tips For Doing Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping is the most popular practice in today’s world. Online shopping is so easy that many people have forgotten to visit physical stores for their shopping. You have probably had some experience with online shopping. However, there are times when you might be cheated. To save yourself from that kind of situation, we have compiled some tips about online shopping in Pakistan. By following or keeping in mind these tips, you will be able to save yourself at many …

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TCS Online Shopping

In this article, we discuss TCS online shopping/online store to buy the best products in 2021.  TCS stands for Tranzum Courier Service. It is a local courier service that was established in 1983 by Khalid Nawaz Awan. TCS is designed to be used by common men by keeping reasonable prices and approaches to almost any area in Pakistan. CS maintains several thousand locations within Pakistan and worldwide as well as its airline operations, delivery vehicles, and couriers. TCS has been …

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Online Gifts in Pakistan

Not only courier, but we can also transport gifts to other countries. In other words, we have a facility for transporting anything to other cities as well as countries. The same goes for gifts. It is especially useful for those whose nearest and dearest are living overseas. Many courier services in Pakistan are transporting gifts with extreme care. Talking about services these are the services that offer these facilities. These are the most used services in Pakistan for transporting gifts …

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Shipping Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan is considered to be a responsible country when it comes to working. there are many shipping courier services in Pakistan. Each of them is best in their way. As their main focus is to provide easiness. Some of the best courier service in Pakistan so far are discussed below: TCS (Tranzum Courier Service) TCS is the best courier service in Pakistan so far. It is considered to be the best and the cheapest service in Pakistan. TCS came into …

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Send Gifts to Pakistan From Other Countries

Thinking about parcels we can send gifts to Pakistan as well to other countries with no worries. Not only this, but we can also receive parcels from other countries. Gifts can be of any type, prices not depends on the quality or size. It depends upon weight. So, you can transfer any goods just by keeping in view its weight. Transporting such parcels whose weight best fits in your pocket is a smart choice. Any country whose services are available …

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International Courier Services in Pakistan

In this article, we discuss the International Courier Service in Pakistan. Pakistan is increasing its facility worldwide with each step. No doubt, it has struggled hard for this name. There are many services in Pakistan that provide access to local people. So, they can transfer or receiver their parcels or any other goods. This facility is not only in Pakistan but also in other countries as well. Right now, TCS is much in demand in Pakistan. It is considered to …

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